The ongoing pandemic has taken its toll on plenty of businesses, plumbers being one notable example. Thanks to COVID, many of those businesses have had to make some sweeping changes to cope. These changes are vital to keeping your business afloat and keeping your business active during the pandemic. Keep these ideas in mind to help keep your plumbing service healthy until COVID runs its course.

Shift your strategy online

Quarantine may have forced many businesses to close their doors, but there’s no reason to limit yourself to brick and mortar business in the digital age. Shift your focus to online marketing to stay competitive and keep your edge. SEO is a great tool for maximizing your online presence. Use online tools to help reach new leads even when you’re experiencing difficulty sending plumbers out. Focus on creating new content online as well, such as plumbing guides to help your clients through simple plumbing fixes at home.

Maintain cleanliness and safety at all times
Maintain cleanliness and safety at all times

Emphasize cleanliness and safety

Emphasizing cleanliness on the job at all times does more than protect your plumbers and your clients. It’s also a way of assuring clients that their safety matters to your team. Establishing a strong concern for your clients is always a great way to build credibility and get your clients to trust you. When the pandemic runs its course, your clients will remember that you went the extra mile to look after them.

Communicate transparently

Being open and transparent with clients is a good rule of thumb. It’s an especially good rule now that so many of your clients are uncertain about the future. Communicate any changes the pandemic has made necessary with your clients to keep them informed regarding your business. For instance, if you have to cancel an appointment in case of unexpected changes, give your clients warning in advance. Your customers can empathize with these unexpected shifts as long as you communicate properly.

Always be prepared to offer support for your community
Always be prepared to offer support for your community

Offer support

Whatever your marketing strategy, always keep in mind other ways you can offer support to your community. It can take the form of providing donations for other local businesses or providing free education your neighbours can use to take better care of themselves. Try sharing your expertise online to reach a larger number of people (e.g. uploading video guides for simple plumbing problems). Selfless support is a great way to look out for your community, and generate some goodwill among your neighbours.

Be empathetic

The little things can matter quite a lot during a crisis, even something as simple as a message of solidarity. Make empathy the core principle of your customer service. Display compassion and support for your clients to give them a much-needed boost. People remember how you made them feel when things looked bleak, and even simple acts can make a world of difference to your clients.

The current pandemic has shaken things up in recent months, but it’s time to start adjusting your position to deal with it. Keep up with your marketing efforts to keep your business healthy as the pandemic continues. Check out Plumbers Geek for more ideas to stay strong as we move forward.

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