The pandemic has made 2020 an interesting year, to put it mildly. The impact may not be as bad for plumbing, being that it’s still listed as an essential service, but there have been noticeable slowdowns. One way to get through the crisis is to develop a plan to help you figure out what to do next. Try these marketing ideas to give your business the boost it needs going forward.

Identify where the business is slowing down

The first thing on your to-do list should be to find out where the number of calls and requests are dipping. For example, are leads drying out from a particular source (like Google), or have customers been cancelling maintenance appointments lately? Once you know where your business is experiencing slowdowns, you’re in a better position to make informed decisions about how to shift your marketing strategy. The goal here is to identify which marketing channels are no longer bringing in leads, allowing you to identify which ones you should prune to shore up your business.

Focus on services with the highest need

It’s still vital your business maintains a presence in online searches, especially considering that plumbing is an essential service. People will still need plumbers to help out with blocked drains and burst pipes even in the middle of quarantine. The trick is to stay on top of shifts in search trends so you know which keywords to focus your attention on. For example, terms like “emergency plumbing” are more likely to be trending lately compared to keywords related to general plumbing. Do some research to find out what’s trending in your area to help you narrow down the keywords you need.

Make engaging video content to engage your visitors
Make engaging video content to engage your visitors

Use video to connect with your customers

Speaking of ways to stay connected with your customers, video is a powerful, flexible tool for reaching out. Video is a more engaging medium than text, and it allows you to make a more personal connection with your customers. Making video content can be as easy as using your smartphone to make a short video where you share some useful tips or updates about your business. Posting these videos on your social media can be a great way to generate more traffic and keep your business in the minds of potential customers.

Invest in building brand awareness

With people currently stuck in their homes, they’re more likely to be active online, particularly on major social media platforms like Facebook and Twitter. This trend gives you plenty of opportunities to grab the attention of people in the area on those platforms. Create social media ads and share helpful content on various platforms to keep your business top of mind.

Offer flexible payment plans for greater customer convenience
Offer flexible payment plans for greater customer convenience

Be flexible with payments

Many of your customers may be experiencing financial difficulties, so it’s a good idea to meet them halfway where payment is concerned. Get creative with payment plans and maintenance packages to spread out the costs of your products and services. Try offering discounts for customers who sign up for jobs now that you’ll take care of in the future. This approach can help keep income flowing into your business while also showing customers you’re willing to work with them. Offering helping hands like this go a long way toward creating goodwill with your customers and winning their loyalty.

The crisis seems bad now, but it’s important to remember that it will pass someday and we’ll be able to get back to “business as usual.” With the right steps, you can take action starting now and come out of the crisis in a good position; all it takes is a little adjustment to your marketing strategy.

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