Montreal’s plumbing industry has steadily increased over the past years. Since plumbing is among the necessities in both residential and commercial markets, people will always require plumbing services, such as pipe installation, drain cleaning and repair, and plumbing maintenance.

With the increasing demands of plumbing services in the city of Montreal, the number of plumbing companies has also increased, making it hard for small startup plumbing businesses to stand out from the competition. Getting your target customers to notice you online is your route to your success. With hundreds to thousands of Montreal plumbers vying for their potential clients’ attention, the best way to get people to find your business is by landing on the coveted first page of Google search engine.

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What Montreal Is Known For

Know what the city of Montreal can offer to striving plumbers

It is not surprising that Startup Compass named Montreal as one of the top 20 startup ecosystems in the world. If you have a flair to start a small plumbing business, Montreal is a great place for many hopeful plumbers looking to succeed in the industry. In addition to the plethora of business opportunities in the city, there are many digital or online marketing companies in Montreal that offer support and guidance to entrepreneurs-plumbers on how to dominate the search engine ranking.

What Is Digital Marketing for Plumbers

Effective plumber digital marketing is key to your business growth

In the age of the Internet and search engine, digital marketing is an extremely important tool to get your business website on top of your customer searches. Millions of potential customers are moving online to search for the nearest plumbing services in their area. No longer they are turning to phone directories to search for a plumber. The web can provide them with a top list of plumbers in Montreal within seconds. Online marketing has significantly changed the way people shop and buy, making offline marketing not as effective as it used to be.

Marketing your plumbing business to your targeted customers is about making connections in the right place and at the right time. It means meeting your prospects where they spend more of their time: on the Internet. This is where digital marketing comes into the picture.

In a nutshell, digital marketing includes different marketing efforts that use the Internet or an electronic device. Digital channels, such as search engines, social media, and email, help businesses connect with their existing and potential clients. Using these online media channels, digital marketing designed for plumbers help them strengthen their brand awareness, as well as promote their services.

Although digital marketing has the upper hand over traditional marketing, they are no different from each other. Both marketing strategies rely on developing a mutually beneficial relationship with prospects, leads, and customers. What won digital marketing in the marketing game is that it has a wider reach to customers. That being said, having a strong online presence is absolutely important, especially if you are just starting in the plumbing industry.

The key to successful digital marketing is putting all the strategies in place and using various digital channels to connect you with your target customers, such as:

Putting all these aspects together results in a highly efficient digital marketing machine for your plumbing business.

Why Plumbers Must Invest in Digital Marketing

Get more online booking with digital marketing services for plumbers

Montreal’s current population in the metro area is 4.22 million in 2020. This means that you have huge access to people who require various plumbing services in the city. But with the tough competition in the plumbing business, you need to look for ways to be more competitive and get your target clients to notice you. Since your prospects mostly use the web to search for a local plumber in their area, you will need an expert who can help you optimize your plumbing website and stay in front of your customers the moment they need your services. A good digital or internet marketing campaign for Montreal plumbers can help increase the online visibility of your business website to customers who need plumbing services in Montreal city.

If you want to check your online visibility in search engines, such as Google, let us do a quick search using “plumber + Montreal.” Did you see your website at the top of the search engine results? If not, then consider yourself invisible to your target clients, especially if your local plumber rivals rank higher than you in Google. This means losing a lot of opportunities to attract potential clients to your business.

When it comes to staying on top of plumbing marketing, getting the best plumbing marketing experts is crucial. With the right mix of an SEO expert, social media specialist, and web designer/developer, Plumbers Geek can help you get all the best tools and support you need to rank your website in the top search and boost your visibility for online customers. As a full-service Montreal marketing agency, we offer winning solutions that deliver data-driven results to grow your plumbing business and stay on top of the search engine ranking page (SERP).

Here are the other benefits that come with Montreal plumber digital marketing:

  • Cost-effective and measurable way to reach a larger target audience
  • Help marketers analyze traffic information, customer preferences and buying patterns to strategize a plumbing marketing plan
  • Improved content performance and lead generation on social media
  • Better audience interaction for increased lead generation and improved conversion rates
  • Better revenue growth expectancy which is beneficial for your startup plumbers
  • Build customer trust and brand reputation by aligning brand objectives with consumer interest

Best Digital Services for Plumbers

Plumbers must invest in the best digital service now!

Digital marketing is a beast when it comes to promoting your business to your potential Montreal clients in the most cost-effective way. But which strategy should you use? What are the pros and cons of each strategy? Where do you even start?

Clearly, most Montreal plumbers are not well-versed when it comes to marketing digital. Montreal plumbing industry has become a battlefield to hundreds (or even thousands) of plumbers, especially with the increasing demands in residential and commercial plumbing needs.

When it comes to choosing the best strategy for digital marketing, think about the following: WHY do you want to use digital marketing and WHO are my target audience? These questions can guide you in deciding which format and channels can help you reach your goals.

To help you out, we will look into the 3 most commonly used strategies used by digital marketers that will help bolster your business and stand out from the competition.

Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

Get in front of Google's first page with SEO for plumbers

Search engine optimization helps Montreal plumbing websites on top of Google when a prospect searches for your services using relevant words and phrases. It optimizes your web pages for search engines. The process involves getting quality traffic that is relevant to your industry from organic (free) search results on search engines, such as Google and Bing. This helps boost a steady stream of relevant traffic that will increase over time. Without SEO, it is impossible for people to find your website on the Internet.

Having a trusted SEO specialist consultant servicing Montreal plumbers does not only optimize your website for search but will help deliver the best search results, providing you with the most leads, conversion rates, and highest ROI possible. A Montreal SEO expert company offers services in Montreal to plumbers to help them achieve their business goals, increase online visibility, making it easier for prospects to find your services on the Internet, increase website ranking, attract more potential customers and bolster lead conversion rates.

Plumbers Geek is the best SEO agency in Montreal. We help small plumbing companies grow. We tailor our affordable SEO services to help Montreal plumbers thrive in the competitive landscape of the plumbing industry. The Plumbers Geek team allocates enough time to assess and evaluate your website to develop and design a plumbing strategy and campaigns that will boost your online visibility and profile, as well as make your website more searchable on the web.

Social Media Marketing

Promote your plumbing business through social media marketing and get more clients

Social media marketing is another crucial digital marketing strategy as it helps attract traffic and attention, increase your website exposure, and build relationships with your target customers. Millions of your potential customers are highly reliant on social media channels, such as Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn. An average person spends 2 hours and 22 minutes on social media per day.

Social media marketing allows Montreal plumbers to get in touch with their prospects in different ways, promote their services organically to their followers, and engage with them. Social media is also a great place to build and interact with your community of followers or address customer-service-oriented questions and promote a positive experience and customer loyalty. People following your brand on social media are most likely to purchase from you.

If you think social media marketing can help attract and grow your clientele, Plumbers Geek is here to help. With the combination of our skills, knowledge, and experience, we have solutions for all your plumber social marketing needs. We use techniques that can effectively “humanize” your digital presence to your potential clients and makes your social media profiles look professional. We have proven and tested social media ideas and techniques that will make you stand out from the thousands of Montreal plumbers. We help:

  • Set up your social media accounts (Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Google Plus, YouTube, etc.)
  • Send an email blast (if you have an existing email list) to your prospects to connect you with them on your social media profiles.
  • Post valuable content (updates, news, tips, and special promotions) to keep your followers in the loop
  • Establish customer engagement regularly

The secret to successful social media marketing is creating content that can be shared by your followers with their friends and family. We make sure that our social media marketing services are affordable and accessible to startups and small plumbing businesses.

Website Design and Development

Rank high and convert more leads with user-friendly website

Montreal businesses are adopting more advanced technology to take their marketing efforts online and further their reach. The benefits that come with having a fully functional website are becoming more prevalent than ever as more customers are searching for a reliable plumber in Montreal online.

When it comes to websites, the first impression lasts. Keep in mind that your plumbing website is your digital business card to your target clients. When people visit your website, the first thing they notice is its aesthetic and structure.

Having a website is not enough. Having an attractive, well-designed and easy to navigate website helps retain more visitors and make them likely to come back again. A good web design and development agency in Montreal can help sharpen and update your website to establish your credibility as a business so that you can compete with other plumbers.

Plumbers Geek employs professional and highly experienced web designer/development and certified SEO experts who can enhance the aesthetic appeal and mobile-friendliness of your website. These factors can influence the buying decision of a customer. We use a fully SEO compliant website design and integrate your website with call-to-action elements to allow your website to boost lead opportunities.

Why Choose Plumbers Geek

Look no further than Plumbers Geek. We are the trusted digital marketing agency in Toronto

If you are looking for a trusted digital marketing company, speak with one of the best web design and SEO companies in Montreal and let us discuss how our digital marketing experts help you reach your goals. We have the right plumbing marketing solutions that will send your business to a new height of success, position your website to higher search engine rankings, and get more leads and jobs.

The Plumbers Geek team has over 40 years of local search experience and has helped more than 10,000 Canadian local businesses across different industries. We have different marketing strategies tailored for plumbing businesses. Plumbers Geek helps enhance your marketing performance, generate positive results, and get more leads and sales from the Internet.

If you need a reliable and honest digital marketer who will listen and understand your needs, look no further than the Plumbers Geek. We listen and encourage our clients to be part of the planning process.

Give the Plumbers Geek team a call today at +1 778 200 5336, and we will give you a FREE SEO ANALYSIS valued at $999.